What if /mlp/odcast and /pone/cast were to come together and do a podcast together? Can this much autism even exist in one place?
Well, listen in and find out.
Finally, you don't have to waste time on /mlp/odcast instead of listening to the /pone/cast. Now you can do them both, together, at the same time.
No homo.
0:01:57 How's your board doing?
0:05:12 Purple Tinker is the top echelon of bronies
0:10:37 Literally pissing
0:11:12 Are you planning to continue MLP G5 once G4 ends?
0:15:12 Sucking toes
0:16:13 Pegasi lay eggs
0:18:18 Why are you still here?  What's made you stay on the ride for 9 years?
0:22:22 Twilight's library has been dead for 4 years now
0:23:19 MassaAnon kisses a Chrysalis toy in WalMart
0:26:40 What's the story behind PsyKey? 
0:29:30 Rationalize Incestuous Relationships thread
0:30:09 Meeting other bronies IRL
0:34:01 What threads on /mlp/ do you like to frequent
0:39:45 What is the future for chans?
0:41:23 Canadian realism
0:43:46 Mud cookies
0:47:43 Insane Clown Ponies
0:50:27 Coinposting receipts
0:58:39 How to identify newfags
1:02:52 Convention stories
1:10:07 Where's WootAnon?
1:11:25 Trying to """crucify""" TwifagAnon
1:18:56 /pone/'s BronyCon 2019 plans
1:22:50 My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic 8th anniversary
1:30:32 The host takes a banana piss break
1:32:56 Boomer time
1:38:59 Halloween plans
1:43:15 Climbing trees
1:46:34 Is fucking Anon Filly gay?
1:53:17 Openly denying the holocaust  
1:55:33 Waifu wars
1:56:09 Talking shit IRL
1:58:45 You don't know what kind of person Coinpo is
2:00:52 Braap talking
2:02:39 Bullying newbies
2:07:58 Derpibooru mod spies
2:12:00 Rainbooru
2:18:16 Outro