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We are nothing. We are the dirt beneath your feet.

The Fire Rises

In October 2017, a faggot named Fimphiliacs — who had totally left the fandom like a little bitch — saw My Little Pony: The Movie and got excited for horses again (for about two minutes) and decided to resurrect his years old /mlp/ YouTube channel.

He posted a thread on /mlp/ begging the two or three anons on the board with talent to come join his shit show. Luckily, all of them said no, but he got a bunch of talentless losers to buy into his (((plan))).

One of these brilliant geniuses proposed starting a podcast for the newly resurrected channel, and everyfaggot decided it'd be funny if they all remained anonymous and called each other Anon and gave anyone who wanted to an opportunity to be a guest. And thus was born /mlp/odcast.

Crashing This Podcast