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Every we usually stream the podcast recording. Subscribe to our YouTube channel if you want to be notified, or just visit around that time if you're bored and have nothing better to do on a Friday night. I know that's basically everyone reading this right now. Don't kid yourself.
Channel update: Due to a strike placed on our channel by some bored fuck for a video uploaded over five years ago, we'll be streaming instead from a backup channel. We'll still upload final, edited podcasts to the main channel and on this site as usual. I mean, what's so sexually explicit about squirting milky white liquid from an unknown source onto pony toys? Seriously? 💦︎
We also have a Discord server that you can join right here if you're bored and want to /soc/ialize with us, join the podcast, or just be our friend. Please we are really lonely and need friends. 😢