The pony show sure has gone to shit, or rather kirins. Why the fuck are they so popular? Are people really that tired of cute pastel horses that they need some new and ugly creature to waifu? This mediocre episode and the reception it got in the community is further evidence of the demise of the fandom. I don't even know why I'm still here, is this show even about ponies anymore?

LyrafagAnon is epic drunk this podcast, so he gets super annoying, just to warn you. I guess we'll also talk about other stuff too besides kirins maybe, whatever. Does it even matter anymore?01:34 Sounds of Silence and why kirin are shit
13:57 Deaf ponies and sign language
16:04 Pony wings are overpowered and pony anatomy has gone to shit
19:03 Final words on Sounds of Silence
21:15 Friendship is Witchcraft is dead
22:59 Is Perfect Pear the best episode of the series?
25:39 Lyra fags get racist
28:06 Why are there no good OCs? Post your OCs!
37:17 Who's your favorite former villain from past generations?
41:46 /mlp/'s greatest meme of all time
42:29 All ponies are just recolors of other ponies
43:13 MLP's 8th anniversary stream celebration
45:00 When did you join the fandom?
47:11 Weird stuff from early seasons that we will never see again
48:23 What would your waifu say or think about your current job?
50:37 Why do people zealously defend bad writing in the show?
52:11 Background pony pussy flavors
54:42 Outro