It's time to dig beneath the school and see what bodi- I mean, treasure โ€“ yeah, treasure โ€“ is hidden beneath. That's right, we'll be talking ponies. Or, creatures, I guess. Celestia damn it, I just wanna kms.
Also, there's some EFNW drama news. The con """apologized""" by not apologizing and everyone bullied Kyle to issue his own """apology.""" So we'll bully them some more.
Oh, and SanicAnon was super epic and had GreentextAnon muted the entire podcast, nopony realized it through the entire fucking hour. Also, the faggot was using some shitty microphone and not a Blue Yeti, so his mic quality is pretty shit too. Enjoy this train wreck. ๐Ÿš†
00:41 What Lies Beneath episode discussion and argument
08:38 If the Tree trapped you underground and filled you with your worst fear, would you survive?
11:42 Would you do Treelight?
12:29 Everfree Northwest drama update: Kyle won't protect us anymore ๐Ÿ˜Ÿ
28:42 Are there any ponies that have the same job as you?
30:24 Why are Tiafags so uncreative?
32:21 How are the episodes after the hiatus compared to the ones prior?
33:10 How big is your clop folder?
35:59 What songs would you listen to with your waifu? ๐ŸŽต
38:12 How does Celestia decide when to raise the sun exactly?
41:43 Which race of pony would you most want to be?
43:59 Which of the Mane Six is the biggest slut and why is it Rarity?
45:06 What happened to Wootmaster?
45:43 What do you think Daybreaker's power level is?
47:07 What makes G1 so unwatchable?
50:09 What lessons were completely botched in the show?
53:27 How long will you keep up the charade that the ride never ends?
55:24 Outro