Listen guys, we won't stand for this bullying anymore. We demand you cease it forthwith. lol do I sound like that EFNW cuck or what? Let's all bully him some more lol.
But seriously, what the buck is up with this Kyle guy? And why is he dead set on banning everypony from Everfree Northwest?
And if we have time, I guess we'll also talk about the stupid pillar episode from last week. Faust is rolling in her grave.
01:28 A dumb stallion and a stupid episode
06:44 Kyle Elliott bans everypony from Everfree Northwest
14:54 Death of HRPC
18:23 How much pony merch do you have?
23:27 What do you have planned for the MLP anniversary?
25:41 Would you get a physical, hardcover copy of the story Past Sins?
27:30 Fallout Equestria 
29:36 What's unironically the best crossover you've seen? 
31:16 What happened to that delivery pony stuck in Discord's dimension?
32:09 How would you propose to your waifu?
37:53 Are your waifu's hoofs dirty?
40:01 What are your fetishes?
41:57 Let's talk about Jack Nolan again
43:23 GreentextAnon crashes the podcast with no survivors
44:19 Immigration
45:56 Callback: Kyle is a LARPer
46:51 We bully each other
48:29 Outro