Rainbow Dash gets cucked by none other than Lightning Dust, let's discuss this Top 10 Anime Betrayal on the podcast. We'll also probably talk about the drama surrounding EFNW and maybe even the podcast itself since some dumb ass posted a thread on some image board called 4chan, I guess it's kinda like Reddit only everyone is named Anonymous or something. So we'll have our regular circle jerk as we talk about ourselves and how cool and horse famous we are.

And then we'll actually circlejerk and cum on Rainbow Dash and lick it off like the gay faggots we are. ๐Ÿณ๏ธโ€๐ŸŒˆ

01:04 The Washouts, or IWTCIRD
06:35 Everfree Northwest Drama
13:03 A self-referencing masturbatory /mlp/odcast topic
13:55 An entire topic about pedophilia
16:16 The drawfag improvement thread is moving?
17:12 Pony artists whose style you dislike 
30:40 New Cheval silicon pony pussy available form Dirty Internet Toys 
33:49 Wearing a I โค๏ธ Ponuts shirt to work
35:08 Literally placing a fast food order on a podcast
35:47 Spike El Clopero is 5 years old
36:17 If you had to go to Equestria, where would you live?
43:30 If you could send one screencap from the show to 2011, what would you send?
47:34 Will G4 ever be as dark as G1?
54:22 Outro