Crystal Mountain Pony Con is screwing over its vendors and Jack Nolan is defending ILoveKimPossibleAlot's honor. Yeah, it's gonna be a dramacast, I think.

First up is the convention. They apparently hardly have any money and less than 100 attendees. Horse News wrote an article throwing out a dump of screencaps showing how they were trying to accrue as many vendors as possible in order to increase incoming cash flow. Now vendors and staff are abandoning ship as quickly as possible.

Jack Nolan made a new video calling a bunch of people neo-nazis because they won't stop bullying his princess. Yet for some reason he's the one who keeps bringing this drama up ๐Ÿค” Let's bully this 50 year-old virgin.

03:25 Episode discussion: Hearth's Warming Club
12:01 Hasbro is shit at toys
13:00 What about species other than pony?
14:08 Future of pony/Season 9/G5
16:25 Why is Twilight such a cunt this season?
18:15 Evolution of changelings/Chrysalis redemption arc
20:29 Where the fuck is Scorpan?  And other problems with the MLP movie
21:50 What are your honest feelings about season 8 so far?
26:45 Crystal Mountain Pony Con shit show
31:25 Jack Nolan white knighting for ILoveKimPossibleAlot
48:25 AnimatedJames braaping out of the fandom
49:28 Pencils IDW MLP comic released
50:40 Pony pet names
51:59 Upcoming episodes
52:35 The end of the fandom
55:08 Guitarcast
55:31 Outro