Twifag anon is fleeing the country and left the special needs kids in charge of the podcast. "What's the worse that can happen?" you may be quizzically pondering, sipping your AriZona Iced Tea on a warm summer's night. Well, my friend, we have a mid-season hiatus and all our topics are garbage. So, instead, we got a black guy who bought Twitters and Tumblr doin' more raids. There might even be a mention of some ponies here and there.

If you don't click off within the first minute, I guarantee you'll at least with a smile dawned from ear to ear. Fuckin' lel nah you're gonna leave wishing you had, instead, watched the /pone/cast. Twifag I have no idea what I'm doing pls help why did you put the autists in charge also don't be mad if we get this channel banned the porn will be worth it.

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