The /mlp/ YouTube channel just got a community guidelines strike for a video uploaded more than 5 years ago, guess we're finally getting the attention of more and more faggots everyday. While we get this all straightened out with (((YouTube))), let's get our permission slips signed and get ready to go on a pony themed field trip to a local horse ranch where we'll all get a lovely chance to pet a horse's whiskers and talk about our favorite children's adult show, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

We'll be talking about the latest episode, Non-Compete Clause, and giving our thoughts on Season 8 so far. Then there will be a comparison between the pony of today and the dark themes featured on the 80s cartoon pony specials of G1. From there we basically generate into vore and braap posting while some britbong tries to stay conscious long enough to tell us all why we should just give up on the stupid pony show already.