Welcome to 4evrcast, with our special guests Evershade and the cast of mlpwillbe4evr direct from HarmonyCon 2020. If we can get all the electric gadgets to work right, we should be able to bring everyone together virtually and have a fun little podcast thing for y'all. Or maybe not, it's hard to get news out of Dallas right now.

In pony news, there's a new Transformers crossover comic announced, a new version of Secret Horse Files is out, and we're all gonna pledge to never take a 3D woman and remain voluntarily celibate for our pony waifus.

So put on your masks, we're going to a con and you don't want to catch this c-convirus. Trust me.
00:00 Intro
02:41 What's going on at HarmonyCon?
15:03 Have you guys seen the transformers x mlp crossover comic?
18:06 Pony Life isn't dead!
23:04 Disregard 3D, acquire waifu. Do you take the pledge?
24:57 How do unicorns use magic in the bedroom?
27:48 New version of Secret Horse Files
30:00 How did you become a brony?
37:57 Are there any other special guests at HarmonyCon?
38:36 Do you still poni poni?
41:02 You get to go to Equestria... BUT By doing so you crosscontaminate it and bring the C-virus over with you and it can infect ponies What choice do you make anons?
42:39 You get to go to Equestria. If you go . You will never see any of your family again . Everyone will think your dead . Would you do it?
44:50 Is Auscunt's mom at HarmonyCon?
45:24 How can Celestia be killed?
46:16 What about Interpsecies relationships? The country of Equestria is mostly inhabited by ponies at the beginning of the show, buy you can see more non-ponies living or at least visiting the country as the show progresses, specially after Twilight takes power while the Sister princesses take a much delayed vacation.
49:15 Are monogamous relationships more common than herds? How large are herds? What is the normal mare-to-stallion ration in herds?
50:31 Auscunt's favorite US state
51:57 In this episode of Game Theory we will calculate if it is possible for an earth pony to load a cart with the clitoris
52:47 What's better: Pony or Poni?
53:15 Has Anyone Really Been Far Even as Decided to Use Even Go Want to do Look More Like? (Has anyone stolen MLP merch?)
53:46 Did you guys know Wikipedia unironically has a 13,000 word article about Equestria that fully documents it's history, politics, military and culture?
55:27 Outro