Hey, guess what? You remember how those stars aided Nightmare Moon in her escape? Yeah, Lauren Faust confirmed this week that was Celestia releasing her own sister. For some reason the fandom had a meltdown over this apparently, and Faust even backed off her statement. But I think it's still a very interesting premise and is symbolic of the high attention to detail Faust paid to the first season, peace be upon her.

There's a ton of con news this week too. We'll talk about the death of HAHcon, the Rift Cafe analcyst's deciding to set up their own replacement, and TrotCon already beating their pre-reg record. Oh, and HarmonyCon is happening next weekend!

All this and your normal board shitposts, only here, on the /mlp/odcast.
00:00 Intro
01:08 Faust confirms Celestia freed Nightmare Moon!? jklolz
05:26 There's that new short- claymation short gigglefuck
09:39 qtpony is retiring, hope you didn't want a lifesize plushie
15:09 HAHCON is dead
17:10 Rift Cafe analysts decide to try to running an online con
21:01 TrotCon beat pre-reg record (for a con that's now delayed until 2022)
26:34 Harmonycon is in one week whatcha >cosplayin >days ur goin >who ur going with >where ya from >what kinda shenanigans ya gonna do
28:42 What do you think about DAIN?
34:08 4cc updates?
35:56 Anon banned for 8 years for posting about 4cc
39:50 I don't want to be almost 30 and still be obsessed with ponies. How do I tone it down to a side interest at most?
45:12 Batpony soup? Poronavirus? 
46:21 Do you have any side hobbies or interests besides ponies?
51:39 Unicorns had their horns disabled in Equestria Games.  Are there any other โ€œmagic controlโ€ laws that could or should exist in Equestria?
54:22 Does this board have any fans of G1 and G2?
59:00 Outro