It's another week, and Hasbro just dropped a made for kids video that looks a lot like Pony Life but it's...stop motion? What happened to the CalArts animated horse shit? Speaking of videos on YouTube, what are some alternatives now that COPPA's come and fucked that all up? (Maybe

We might also even talk about the dumb coronovirus and how it might affect ponies or some shit, idk I feel like we're stretching now.
00:00 Intro
01:36 MLP stop motion shorts
05:26 Is anyone leaving youtube over COPAA?
12:31 Glimmer is ready for the coronavirus. Are you?
16:17 How do you anons feel about the different waifu threads?
24:48 Are you watching 4CC?
32:54 Which of the mane six will die first?
35:18 A settlement of anons surrounds the outskirts of Ponyville. What happens next?
40:29 What would your dream FIM vidya look like?
49:27 Anyone feeling like season 1/2011 was not that long ago? Fandom memories?