The first podcast of 2020, what the buck is up? We're loaded up and ready, where we'll be discussing Wootmaster becoming worst fan of the year, Derpy being voted #20 meme of the decade, and maybe the shit going on with Alligator Tub's YouTube channel and whatever else has been going on recently on our autistic Mongolian basket weaving horse board.

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3D Pinkie Pie video
00:00 Intro
02:21 Did you make any pony-related New Years resolutions?
03:47 The 2019 /mlp/ awards are out!
04:42 Best Thread of the Year
05:40 Coolest Staffmember of the Year
06:25 Best Butthurt of the Year
08:02 Best Shitstorm of the Year
08:09 Best Fanmade Video of the Year
09:30 The Single Best Image of the Year
09:41 Best Namefag of the Year
09:46 Worst Fan in the Fandom of the Year
12:32 Best Takedown of the Year
13:04 Biggest Disappointment of the Year
15:53 What Will be Missed Most From 2019
17:05 Meme of the Decade Award by KnowYourMeme
17:21 New Pinkie Pie 3D animation
19:07 What's the status of your Secret Santa gift, anon?
22:45 What's new with the Pony Preservation Project?
25:20 Could you say something nice to me?
30:33 What one piece of pony content makes you most nostalgic?
37:08 /mlp/ plays update
39:13 What's going on in your designated waifu threads?
46:13 /mlp/ dubs update
49:07 What color is Lyra?
52:00 Outro