Corp is dead so ya boy Greentext has to run this shithole of a podcast. For some reason The Soundguy wanted me to include his RP logs with CP Express. Heโ€™s a really weird nigga. Well, enjoy the suffering, fags.

uwu mommy i need my tendies I've been a good boy. look at my grades I did so good! wait, what do you mean we don't have tendies? mommy what are you doing? this isn't appropriate for the /mlp/ podcast friday nights at 7pm PST/10pm est. what's that? i have tendies? In my p-pants? N-no, mommy that's my nono-zone. but it feels kind of good. you're gonna clean it? is my pp stinky? o frick mommy thats really nice feeling. i like how you are cleaning. uhoh my pp sneeze.
0:00:00 Intro
0:01:44 Writing an incest clop fic with your mom
0:05:44 Pony Life trailer removed
0:10:06 Dan wins Mr. /mlp/, was it rigged?
0:14:45 Which of the Mane Six represents you the best?
0:25:27 If ponies were more like real horses, would it have been as popular?
0:28:14 What are some threads that you miss?
0:33:53 What problems in life cause anons to like certain characters?
0:41:27 Who had the best character dynamics?
0:42:19 How would you fuck your waifu?
0:57:49 Let's read snoudguywifu's incest clop fic
1:00:56 Outro