What do you do when your mother finds your clop fics? And what if she then told you she read them all? And got off to them? Whoah boy, we got some poor faggot who's going to be going through one hell of an Oedipus complex. I hear he's even writing a clop fic with her now.

We'll also track down this Mark Rivas guy who may be scamming bronies, get an update on Mr. /mlp/, mourn about our fandom becoming as degenerate as the furry fandom, and more!
00:00 Intro
01:24 >when your mom tells you she gets off on your incest clop fics
14:13 What's new with Mr. /mlp/
17:20 The fandom is degenerating into degenerate furry fetishists
21:04 Know Your Meme holding contest for best meme of the decade
23:47 If you're in Equestria, how do you communicate with ponies? How do you know they're even real?
25:49 Kelly Sheridan was Lauren Faust's top pick to play Twilight Sparkle
28:50 The destruction of /mlp/ is the most beneficial thing that could happen for the fanbase
31:10 Let's play Birthday Scenario Game: Pony Edition
36:05 Ponies at Dawn is transphobic
41:40 Artists in the fandom who have left the fandom
48:16 Would people still want to cum in ponies if they looked more like horses?
51:04 What is it about Seasons 1 and 2 that make them so comfy?
52:48 Outro