We're at it again and Twifag probably killed himself after seeing the future. Speaking of which, is everypony ready to get WACKY AND CRAZY? Boy, I sure to love CalArts style animation. Hasbro told me these new toys are gonna be so cool and that ponies are life /).

Lay me down in my grave as I laugh their crazy antics while my waifu flosses and dabs with a brain-dead smile and emotionless eyes. I won't be needing my money, so please use it all to by G4.5 toys so Hasbro gets the shecckles they have rightfully earned.
00:00 Intro
01:07 Hasbro extends Pony Life line, including Luna and Celestia
10:53 Ubuntu posts ponies on Twitter, receives hate in response
17:30 Any ideas for /mlp/ plays 2?
26:19 Ponies at Dawn releases a new furry album: Echoes
36:59 Why are so many art packs fucking garbage?
39:57 What are some good recent art packs?
42:38 Do you have any super expensive or rare pony merchandise?
47:30 How many of y'all niggas actually read on the daily here?
51:19 Outro