They say the fandom's dead, but why do is this the longest topic list we've ever had on a podcast?

Let's start with the TwAIlight Navy Seal copypasta and the shitstorm that kicked off on Twitter, with VAs getting super butt hurt over it and former-nor/mlp/eople that used to draw edgy, knife-wielding pony OCs turning their backs on a project that they praised just a few months ago.

We may also talk about COPPA, sex, Starlight Glimmer, life after death, Mr. /mlp/, brony meet-ups, obscure episodes, and maybe even that Pony Life shitshow again. So why not join us and try not to kms yourself?

If you are sick of YouTube's COPPA BS, go to Pony.Tube.
0:00:00 Intro
0:01:16 Week 6 since series is over, how's everypony doing?
0:07:19 Was there ever an episode where Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie had an adventure together?
0:09:57 What was the best pairing on FiM?
0:16:45 TwAIlight voice reads the navy seal copypasta, Wootmaster throws a Twitter fit
0:29:45 SimGretina took down their channel because he was worried about COPPA
0:35:42 Anyone stockpiling MLP merch yet?  How much will it be worth in 30+ years?
0:38:47 How do you feel about Pony Life porn?
0:41:03 What's Pony.Tube?
0:41:45 More porn talk
0:44:23 Was Starlight Glimmer supposed to be represented as an autist?
0:47:51 What do we think about Mr. /mlp/?
0:50:31 How do I convince a friend who hates ponies but loves EqG that he's wrong?
0:54:25 How many of us actually fit the brony stereotype?
1:01:09 Outro