So we've got new ponies coming a lot sooner than we all thought, and aren't we all excited for the beautiful new art style. A bunch of ponies hanging out at Sugar Cube Corner downing some of Pinkie's brew, how could this not be the biggest and most exciting pony show EVER?!?!

End my pony life now ๐Ÿ˜ก
00:00 Intro
00:54 My Little Pony: Pony Life announced
06:34 Could it possibly get worse from here?
09:26 In what way do you think they're gonna make it worse?
11:22 I may just be a dumb Twifag, but tbh she kinda cute this way
11:51 What if Pony Life is a dumpster fire?
14:41 When is it premiering?
17:13 Are the ponies just now lolis?
19:33 Final words on Pony Life (for now)
19:59 All /mlp/ dubs lines are in!
20:35 How are you holding up with No Nut November?
21:57 Alumx releases Griffin Village animation trailer
23:14 2Snacks is cancelling Two Best Sisters Play
27:35 TekCharlie loses his shit over Generations Against Bullying
29:39 COPPA discussion
32:23 Young Lauren Faust writes a letter to Hasbro sperging about ponies
35:05 Mr. /mlp/ nominations
39:32 Sethisto is a fucking snitch and on Hasbro's payroll
41:37 Are you ready for the Toys That Made Us pony ep
49:08 How would you fuck Rarity?
52:13 Outro