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So apparently Applejack won some rigged poll on /mlp/, but who really cares about that? Not like it matters at all in the larger scheme of things.

Other news: The new pony movie has been announced, the Fallout Equestria game has been released, and lots of other news in the fandom. So cum join us, but please hold off on the Season 9 spoilers, ok?
00:00 Intro
01:34 Winner of /mlp/ is a background pony
09:03 MLP voice recording sessions and songs leaked
15:34 Peter New trying to capitalize on the leaks
16:51 What crazy shit could we pay MLP voice actors to say?
18:08 Pencils got cucked by IDW
22:25 What happened to JackTHerbert?
25:02 G5 movie is 684 days away (from when this podcast was recorded)
28:44 Would you make a Blu-Ray box set of FiM for yourself?
36:12 Which pony resembles your mother the most?
38:26 Is it okay to fuck Cozy Glow now?
43:53 What the fuck is up with this MKogwheel Applejack meme?
46:47 Who is John Cena's favorite pony?
50:45 Have you ever had romantic or sexual feelings about a stallion before?
58:30 Outro