Hey, remember that one guy? I think he was a wrestler or something. I forget his name. Oh wait, HIS NAME IS JOHN CENA!!! Apparently his Twitter account is following clop artists or something. So maybe he's into patrician pony pussy?

We'll also commiserate as we try to survive this endless hiatus. Hold me, bro.

00:00 Intro
01:19 Is John Cena now /ourguy/?
05:08 What's the worst brony cringe you've seen over the years?
12:45 Do you think Twilight is immortal at the end of the series?
20:06 If Twilight is mortal, who takes over when she dies?
24:22 Miss /mlp/ is about to end!
31:21 /mlp/ dubs is almost done collecting lines
33:52 Is anyone trying to make a fic like FoE based on a something other than Fallout?
38:03 Pony alternatives to curse words
39:31 Pony racist language
41:04 Would Twilight enact hate crime laws?
43:17 Would you do no clop November in Equestria if your waifu asked?
44:36 Tomorrow is the last time we ever get new G4 content
46:52 Is there that much unused animation from G4?
47:33 When will the NDAs end for the people who worked on the show?
49:15 Squash Soup or Kirin Beer?
52:08 Outro