Oh shit, it's episode 104, you know what that means right? Time for the FiM series finale suicide pact! ๐Ÿ”ซ
Who would've thought when we started up this shit show we'd still be doing new episodes two years later. We sure are quite a bunch of masochists! So what memeories do you have of the last two years of /mlp/odcast mediocrity when compared to /pone/cast? How have we not kys ourselves yet? Seriously?
00:00 Intro
01:06 Where is daddy?
01:50 How we get involved with this shit
13:41 The podcast goes down, with no survivors
14:30 So, how'd we get here again?
19:42 Wootmaster admits to being in a cuckold relationship
21:35 More stories about how you found the podcast
37:49 ATM neck nigga
39:44 Even more stories about getting involved with the podcast
42:23 The Barcast is getting our sloppy seconds
43:04 How GreentextAnon got his dick touched by a man
46:02 Back to origin stories
58:04 Outro