Hey so remember that wonderful show about cute little pastel ponies? Remember your waifu and how much you loved her? Yeah, time to forget all that, cuz it's ALL OVER. Let's commiserate together over the loss of everything that held any meaning to any of us and prepare for the final solution to all our problems and our inevitable arrival in the beautiful land of Equestria.

Hey, we're also doing a new /mlp/ dubs in honor of the final episode. We're gonna make it better and purify our waifus. Join us! Except we already released it lol.

0:00:00 Intro
0:01:43 Moment of silence for the cucked 
0:02:11 Initial thoughts on the end of our lives 
0:04:22 The Ending of the End 
0:08:15 If Cozy Glow can get stoned, can she fuck? 
0:11:31 Luna, Celestia, and Discord were supposed to die 
0:13:27 What does Alicia Scott think of the finale? 
0:14:14 More thoughts about The Ending of the End 
0:16:03 Why is there an argument about turning Cozy Glow into stone? 
0:20:23 Were Twilight's accomplishments all fake? 
0:23:13 Yet more thoughts about the finale 
0:25:45 The Last Problem 
0:26:58 Even more thoughts about the finale 
0:29:17 There were originally supposed to be 2 time skips 
0:33:20 Where was Flurry Heart? 
0:34:48 DedAnon admits she got cucked 
0:36:46 Why were there so many fucking references to other media? 
0:41:50 Some more thoughts about the finale 
0:43:00 How much did you cry? 
0:46:03 Did your mare make it through Waifugeddon? 
0:53:04 Moar thots abut FINALYY 
0:55:45 The Magic of Friendship Grows 
1:03:27 Reactions of staff to reactions of finale 
1:04:42 How did you avoid spoilers? 
1:17:53 I guess Starlight Glimmer was okay in the finale 
1:23:05 Imagine liking Long Twilight 
1:24:09 The villains were ruined 
1:28:10 /mlp/ dubs: The Last Dubs (not really) and /mlp/ plays announcements 
1:29:46 Outro